Best Crypto Swap Platforms In 2023

Published 20 May, 2022 Updated 02 Feb, 2023

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Crypto swapping platforms have become increasingly popular amongst beginner and experienced altcoins traders due to the convenience and speed they provide. Most offer similar crypto swapping services where they may only differ in the number of supported assets and liquidity providers (which translates into the fees).

A lot of crypto exchanging platforms have expanded their products and services to further differentiate themselves in the market. Some have formed partnerships with third-party payment providers to provide a fiat gateway and allow their customers to purchase crypto using their local fiat currency. Often, the fees to buy crypto from a swapping platform can be high and you’re better served to do this from one of the best crypto exchanges in the world.

Nevertheless, platforms where you can exchange an asset for another without having to create an account and verify you’re identity, have strong appeal to many.

In this article, we cover and compare some of the best crypto swap platforms available on the market.

Top Crypto Swapping Platforms For 2023

Based on our reviews, here are the best crypto swapping platforms where you can quickly and discretely convert your crypto without having to complete KYC.

  1. Changelly (best swapping platform overall)
  2. ChangeNOW (best for ease of use)
  3. Exolix (largest range of supported crypto)
  4. StealthEX (best for beginners)

Best Crypto Swapping Platforms Compared

ExchangeAssetsTrading FeesOur RatingsLearn MorePromotion
changelly logo1 Changelly 270+ 0.25% 4.2/5 Visit Changelly Changelly Review None available at this time
changenow logo ChangeNOW 380+ 0.5% - 1.2% (estimated) 3.8/5 Visit ChangeNOW ChangeNOW Review None available at this time
exolix Exolix 494+ Spread only 4.2/5 Visit Exolix Exolix Review None available at this time
stealth StealthEX 400+ 0.5% - 1.5% (estimated) 3.9/5 Visit StealthEX StealthEX Review None available at this time

Best Crypto Exchanging Platforms Reviewed

1. Changelly


Read our complete Changelly Review for an in-depth breakdown of its features and benefits.

Changelly Overview

Changelly is one of the most popular crypto swapping platforms in the world and is widely known for its cheap and instant crypto-to-crypto service. Founded in 2015, Changelly initially focused on its crypto swapping service. However, the platform has since added several additional features and formed partnerships with industry players to become one of the premier crypto exchange platforms in the world.


Currently, Changelly allows you to swap over 270+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), ERC-20 tokens such as DAI and FTM, and a suite of popular and exotic altcoins. Since Changelly is non-custodial, you don’t need to create an account or verify your identity, which means that you can near-instantly swap your crypto anonymously.

In terms of exchange rates, Changelly provides one of the highest returns, especially for the BTC-ETH trading pair. A competitive trading fee of 0.25% will be incurred, however, you won’t see the fee as it’s included in the quoted cost of the swap. Instead of having a floating rate, you can lock in the exchange rate to avoid potential price fluctuations before your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. Locking the rate is only available for selected assets.

Changelly provides a fiat gateway where you can purchase over 270+ digital currencies using your Visa or MasterCard, bank transfer, or Apply Pay. This has been made possible through Changelly’s partnership with third-party payment providers such as Banxa, Simplex, Itex, MoonPay, and Indacoin. If you choose to purchase crypto then completing KYC protocols is mandatory.

Changelly Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of over 270+ supported cryptocurrencies
  • Access to significant liquidity meaning low exchange rates
  • Low trading fees (0.25%)
  • Beginner friendly and easy to use platform
  • Buy crypto with credit/debit card
  • Outstanding mobile app (iOS and Android)


  • Fiat currencies (via credit/debit card) on the app is limited to EUR, BGP, and USD

2. ChangeNOW


Read our complete ChangeNOW Review for an in-depth breakdown of its features and benefits.

ChangeNOW Overview

Similar to Changelly, ChangeNOW is a non-custodial digital asset trading platform that is best known for its easy-to-use crypto swapping service. The non-custodial nature of ChangeNOW means that you can buy or swap over 380+ cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH without having to sign up. ChangeNOW does not store your funds and cryptocurrencies are sent directly to your external wallet.

To enhance its products and offerings, ChangeNOW has partnered with major players in the crypto industry including liquidity providers BinanceKuCoin, and Huobi Global, wallet providers Trezor and Guarda, and third-party payment service providers such as Simplex.

changenow review 1

One of the attractive benefits of ChangeNOW is the massive range of supported digital assets that you can easily swap. With over 380+ crypto to choose from and over 10,000 trading pairs, you can be sure that the coin you want to buy or swap is available. Along with the fast transactions and convenience, ChangeNOW is a great altcoin management option for novice and experienced traders.

There is the option to purchase cryptocurrencies using your Visa or MasterCard, or via SEPA. This is enabled through the integration of third-party payment providers Guarda and Simplex. Wire transfers, American Express, and Discover cards are not supported. However, the trading fees are excessive at 6% and should be avoided. You will be better off buying crypto such as BTC from a reputable exchange such as Coinbase.

ChangeNOW Pros & Cons


  • You don’t need to create an account or submit personal information to swap crypto.
  • Over 380+ digital assets and 10,000 crypto trading pairs to buy and swap.
  • Fiat gateway where you can purchase crypto using Visa or MasterCard.
  • Non-custodial platform where purchased or swapped crypto is sent directly to your external wallet.
  • Fantastic customer service with great customer feedback and reviews.


  • High trading fees to purchase crypto (6% excluding network fees).

3. Exolix


Read our complete Exolix Review for an in-depth breakdown of its features and benefits.

Exolix Overview

Exolix is an Estonian-based crypto-to-crypto conversion exchange that was launched in 2018. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which means that it does not store or hold any type of digital assets. Exolix provides a means for you to perform crypto-to-crypto transactions quickly and anonymously. Since there is no fiat gateway, account creation and ID verification procedures employed at other exchanges are not required.


Exolix acts similarly to a broker. It is integrated into several other cryptocurrency exchanges where it finds the best possible trading rate for your nominated trading pair. The converted funds are received within 5 to 30 minutes and can be directly transferred to your personal hardware wallet.

Exolix provides a safe and secure platform to convert your crypto and has reported no historical breaches in security. Security measures that Exolix implements include SSL certificates which are the standard cryptographic measure for safeguarding communication data and protection against DDoS attacks. 

Exolix Pros & Cons


  • Simplistic and easy to ease interface
  • No account creation or ID verification required to swap crypto
  • Instantly exchange 524 cryptocurrencies
  • Fixed fee rates for each transaction (0.5 – 0.7%) which mitigates against sudden price fluctuations
  • No maximum crypto exchange limits
  • Funds can be directly transferred into a personal hard wallet
  • No restrictions on country usage


  • Trading fees are hidden within the transaction amount
  • Relatively high fees compared to its competition

4. StealthEX


Read our complete StealthEX Review for an in-depth breakdown of its features and benefits.

StealthEX Overview

Founded in 2018, StealthEX is a simple and reliable crypto swapping platform that allows you to convert one crypto for another. With over 400+ supported cryptocurrencies that can be swapped, StealthEX will appeal to altcoin traders who want to access a significant amount of exchanging options.

stealthex fixed exchange rates

One of the advantages of StealthEX is that you don’t need to create an account or verify your ID to exchange crypto. There are no maximum limits on the amount of crypto that can be exchanged for another, which makes the platform ideal for large and discrete conversions.

Being a non-custodial platform, StealthEX does not hold or store crypto that you purchase or receive from an exchange. Instead, you will need to have an external wallet available as all crypto will be transferred to it.

StealthEX provides a fiat gateway where you can use your Visa or MasterCard to purchase 9 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, TRX, ALGO, BAT, BUSD, BCH, DAI, and USDT. Compared to the other crypto swapping platforms on this list, the number of crypto that can be obtained with fiat is quite limited.

One of the downsides to StealthEX is that there are no iOS or Android compatible apps for mobile devices. The website, however, is mobile-friendly. If you prefer to have the option of swapping crypto on the go then you should consider one of the other platforms in this list.

StealthEX Pros & Cons


  • A vast list of over 400+ supported crypto that can be swapped.
  • Simple crypto swapping and buying process that is beginner-friendly.


  • Only 9 crypto can be bought with fiat currencies.
  • No mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

What Is Crypto Swapping?

Crypto swapping is the process where you exchange or trade one digital asset for another without involving fiat currency. More often than not, token-to-token swaps are usually done in between wallets.

Trading a token to another is usually undertaken on a decentralized crypto exchange, assuming that the trading pair is supported by the exchange. If the coins you want to swap are not available as a trading pair, then you may have to convert the original token to a fiat currency, and use it to purchase the desired asset. This process is long and not cost-effective as you will incur additional trading fees.

Crypto swapping platforms alleviate these problems by providing a simple, quick, and reliable way of converting digital assets. Since swapping is a crypto-to-crypto transaction, submitting personal details to complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures is not required. This means you can quickly exchange your crypto in a discrete and anonymous fashion.

The Benefits Of Using Crypto Swap Platforms

It’s A Safe & Secure Method

The vast majority of popular crypto swapping platforms are non-custodial. This means that they do not hold or store any digital assets or funds. Crypto that you swap or buy is sent directly to your external wallet.

Since your crypto is not stored in hot wallets within an exchange, they are not susceptible to security breaches and potential theft. You are in full control of your assets.

Swapping Crypto Is Quick

Crypto swapping platforms act similarly to brokers where the crypto exchanging process is streamlined and can be completed in several minutes. Essentially, they find search their liquidity providers for the best exchange rate on your selected trading pair and present them to you as quotes. All you need to do thereafter is provide your wallet address, confirm the swap and receive the assets in your wallet.

Your Privacy Is Protected

If you’re only converting your crypto for another, then you won’t need to create an account and verify your identity. This means that submitting personal information to support KYC is not required and your privacy is maintained.

It’s Simple & Beginner-Friendly

Almost all crypto swapping platforms provide a streamlined and visually intuitive experience that is easy to understand and follow. Swapping your crypto for another can be completed in several minutes.

The Disadvantages Of Using Crypto Swap Platforms

It Might Cost You More

Crypto swapping platforms generally partner with global exchanges to provide liquidity. The trading fees and spreads that may apply to your crypto swapping will be influenced by which liquidity providers the platform has integrated with. It is common for the trading fees of the liquidity provider to be passed onto you.

You Will Need An External Wallet

The crypto that you receive from a swap will be transferred to your external wallet. This is because crypto swapping platforms are non-custodial and will not hold or store your assets. This might be discouraging for beginners who don’t know how to use an external wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Crypto Swap Platform?

Based on our reviews, Changelly is our top pick if you want to instantly swap your crypto discretely and anonymously. You have access to over 270+ digital assets to exchange, buy, and sell such as Bitcoin and exotic altcoins. And you don’t need to go through the hassle of creating an account or completing KYC. The platform offers low trading fees of 0.25% and has access to significant liquidity through its partners.

Can I Swap Crypto Without Doing KYC?

Non-custodial crypto swapping platforms such as Changelly, ChangeNOW, and Exolix allow you to perform token-to-token exchanges without the need to create an account or verify your identity. The exchange of digital assets is performed directly from one wallet to another and is not stored by the platform.

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