Cointree Review: Is It A Worthwhile Exchange Choice?

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Australians are spoilt for choice with a wide selection of established and upcoming exchanges to choose from. Before committing, there are several considerations that should be made including fees, reputability, security, trading pairs, and features to maximize trading.

One of the up-and-coming crypto exchanges in Australia is Cointree. Cointree is quickly establishing itself as a reputable Australian-based crypto exchange that allows traders to easily buy Bitcoin and 160+ other cryptocurrencies with AUD. 

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Key Takeaways


Core Services

Available Cryptocurrencies

Payment Options

Deposit Fees

Trading Fees

Withdrawal Fees

Mobile App


Fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto trading, SMSF


PayID, POLi, bank transfer, fiat deposit


0.5% – 0.9%

Fiat: None

Crypto: Standard blockhain network fee


What is cointree?

Cointree is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange based in Melbourne, Australia that has been operating since 2013. The Australian crypto platform seeks to make the world of crypto safe and accessible for everyday Australians. Overall, the platform provides a simple, safe, and fast way to buy and sell over 160+ cryptocurrencies direct with AUD and is a good place for newcomers to begin their crypto journey.

Cointree has formed strategic partnerships with companies such as the Blockchain Centre, Blockchain Australia , and Everything Crypto Australia. 

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Top features you should know

Beginner-Friendly Platform

Cointree has gone to great lengths to make the world of cryptocurrency as simple and accessible as possible. While their platform has a number of areas that could be improved, simplicity is one of the boxes that they definitely tick. An uncluttered design combined with a beginner-friendly learning hub makes Cointree a great place for beginners to buy and sell cryptocurrency without feeling overwhelmed.

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Cointree has put a clear emphasis on crypto newcomers, offering a demo version where Aussies can simulate the experience of trading cryptocurrency before signing up to the full version and using real money. There are plenty of tooltips that clarify complex terminology. The design is refreshingly simple when compared to sites that also cater to advanced traders. Although it is clear that Cointree will not satisfy advanced traders looking for all the charting features and technical indicators, they have nailed a simple crypto experience for beginners and are a good choice for those looking for a stress-free trading experience even if that means paying a little bit extra in fees.

A free wallet is also given to all users upon sign-up, and Cointree claims to offer step-by-step customer support along the way if required. Beginners can also visit the learning hub which is decked out with beginner-level articles that bring crypto down-to-earth. Despite the simplicity of their platform, adding a mobile app version would further simplify the process and this is something we hope to see Cointree do in the near future.

cointree demo account

Recurring Purchases & DCA

Cointree offers the ability to automate recurring buys, more commonly known as Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA). DCA involves the investment of small amounts over a long period of time instead of all at once. DCA is a convenient way for investors wanting to invest a small amount from their paycheck each week while getting a good average price on an asset without having to try and ‘time the market’. The DCA feature also helps to mitigate against market volatility and short-term fluctuations in asset prices, getting users a better average entry price than if they tried to guess the best time to invest large amounts. 

Pay Australian Bills with Crypto

Cointree has partnered with Gobbill, an Australian-based financial services company, to offer its customers the ability to pay Australian bills with crypto. Users can now pay any Australian bill or credit card that has the BPAY biller code with Bitcoin. 

To do this, simply sign into the app, and click the ‘Pay Bill’ tab on the Buy / Sell / Trade page, then enter the biller code, reference number, and the bill amount. The user will be prompted to choose which coin is to be used for payment. This means that crypto-AUD conversion fees can be avoided

cointree bpay

Access To Top Performing Portfolios

Cointree gives all its users access to top-performing cryptocurrency portfolios, allowing them to view and even copy them with the click of a button. This is a feature not available on most Aussie exchanges, and it could be a unique selling point for many traders who are looking to take advantage of short-term market movements and top-performing, pre-made portfolio allocations. 

Cointree allows you to search for portfolios with specific coins that have been performing particularly well in recent times. These portfolios are able to be purchased, however on verified accounts only. The layout of portfolio information is presented in a simple and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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SMSF Investing

Cointree supports Australian investors wanting to use their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to buy cryptocurrencies. They have tried to make the process as simple and attractive as possible, encouraging users to diversify their SMSF portfolio with cryptocurrency.

All users will need to complete a letter of authority in order to set up their SMSF account. Users will have the option of obtaining ‘premium support’, which gives them access to a dedicated account manager, deep global liquidity, and investment advice. This is not something offered by all exchanges and could be a big selling point for Aussies who are new to crypto who want to feel supported when using their SMSF to invest.

Is cointree A secure Exchange?

Cointree has not reported any security breaches resulting in loss, theft, or damage of stored assets since its inception in 2013. The exchange is safe and secure to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency in the comfort that they have processed over AUD$250 million dollars without any security breaches.

Cointree implements all the industry-standard security measures that are expected of AUSTRAC registered digital asset exchanges. These include but are not limited to cold/hot asset storage, 2FA verification, encrypted SSL, hashed and salted passwords, separation of user details between database and codebase, and closed network environments. 

are cointree fees competitive?

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Cointree charges zero fees for making deposits with AUD or crypto. However, users will need to be aware that third-party fees may be payable for your deposit, depending on the method (e.g. online banking, POLi, PayID).

Cointree does not charge any fees for withdrawals of AUD from their Cointree wallet to a bank account. Cryptocurrency withdrawals to another wallet (e.g. Trezor or Nano ledger) usually have a standard transaction (mining) fee. This fee is dynamic based on network conditions of the respective Blockchain and will be listed on the cost breakdown found on the withdrawal coin page.

Trading Fees

Cointree trading fees are based on a tiered structure where larger trading volumes attract lower fees. Depending on the transaction amount, fees for buying or selling crypto may range between 0.5% and 0.9%. The entry-level fee of 0.9% for amounts less than AUD$10,000 is not ideal for traders looking to buy small amounts of crypto. This will likely pose a barrier to entry for beginner investors considering that there are cheaper alternatives available in Australia. 

Although coin-to-coin trading fees are very low, it is worth noting that the spread on Cointree’s exchange between the bid and ask is quite high compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Spreads are the difference between the buy and sell price and the hidden costs that not all traders are aware of. It is crucial to check both the trading fees and the spread when evaluating a crypto exchange. The difference between buy and sell prices can mean you may not be able to sell back crypto at the same price you bought it, even if it is just a moment after purchase. These extra costs will add up over time. 







Buy / Sell Coin






Coin-Coin Trades






Trade Volume





Accepted Countries

Cointree only supports users in Australia and New Zealand to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Traders residing in overseas countries will need to use a global fiat-to-crypto exchange that accepts their local fiat currency and deposit method.

Getting Started

Account Creation

The creation of a Cointree account takes under 5 minutes to complete and requires an email, password, and mobile phone number. To create an account with, users will need to go through a registration process that takes under 5 minutes. Users can log in and explore the features of the exchange, deposit fiat currency and start trading. 

ID Verification & Limits

All Cointree users are required to verify their accounts. Creating a basic account (level 0) with the cryptocurrency exchange allows the individual to explore the platform’s features, however, they will not be able to perform any actions such as depositing funds or using the buy/sell platform. 





Required Verification Information

Email address only

Proof of identity

Bank account verification


Explore platform with limited functionality

Buy, transfer and pay with crypto

As per level 1, plus sell BTC back into AUD directly to a local bank account

The full identity verification process can take up to 1-2 business days, which is not the fastest verification process and not ideal for users looking to sign up and buy cryptocurrency within a day.

Deposit Methods

Cointree provides numerous methods for consumers in Australia to deposit funds into the exchange, including PayID (instant and free), POLi, bank transfer, and cash deposit. Making a deposit is super simple and can be done through the wallet section of the website.

Deposit Method



Bank Transfer

Cash Deposits




1 – 2 business days



Supported by most Australian banks and institutions.

An instant payment method available via Australia Post.

Timing is dependant on the bank.

Cointree has partnered with Blueshyft to provide Australians with 1,300+ retailer locations where AUD can be directly deposited into the wallet.

User Experience

Buying Crypto Process

The exchange excels in its simplicity, and you can buy crypto instantly without getting caught up in any confusing charts and numbers that many other exchanges present when buying crypto.

The process is straightforward and once users have verified their account and deposited their funds, buying cryptocurrency is as simple as entering in the coin you want and how much you want to buy in AUD.

cointree buy

Cointree is transparent with the fees it charges on every trade, stating it up front as you make your final payment. After the purchase is made, the purchased cryptocurrency is deposited to the user’s Cointree wallet directly. 

cointree trading

Trading Interface

The trading interface is limited but very easy to use if advanced charting tools and technical indicators are not a concern. Most traders beyond a beginner level will be unsatisfied with the charting package, however, this may not be a problem for those just wanting to buy cryptocurrency in the least confusing way possible. Clicking on a particular cryptocurrency on the ‘Coins and Prices’ page takes you to the individual price chart which can be viewed in one-week, one-month, and three-month time ranges.

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Customer Support & Reviews

The customer support team at Cointree can be contacted via the submission of a ticket or the live chatbot. 

Cointree’s website provides a comprehensive Help and Support section to assist its users who have questions about a range of topics including but not limited to  account verification and security, depositing withdrawal of funds and assets, trading issues, SMSF, and the affiliate program. 

Based on 288 reviews, Cointree scores a rating of 3.1 on Trust Pilot, with a variety of reviews shedding light on how their trading experience with Cointree went. While some customers were satisfied, there are a concerning number of reviews that allude to problems from verification, deposits, and withdrawals, and contacting customer support. 

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Mobile App

Currently, Cointree does not have a mobile app that is suitable for iOS or Android devices. However, the website has been optimised for mobile devices. Their newly improved mobile optimised website offers new menu navigation, better layouts, and an improved user experience. 

Cointree Alternatives

The following crypto exchanges offer similar products and services compared to Cointree.

  • Swyftx (best overall Australian exchange). Swyftx is our best-rated cryptocurrency exchange that is available for Australian investors and traders. The platform has a wide variety of features including a well-designed user interface, deep liquidity, and low spreads, DCA, and advanced trading tools. The platform also supports more than 270 digital assets which are significantly more than Cointree.
  • Digital Surge (best Australian exchange for beginners). Digital Surge is a beginner-friendly platform with low trading fees (0.5%), more digital assets are supported (270+), and it provides a few innovative features including in-built tax tools and the ability to pay Australian bills with Bitcoin. Digital Surge supports Australian investors.
  • CoinSpot (most trusted exchange). Coinspot has been offering a highly secure platform for Australian investors to buy and trade crypto for a long period of time. This has resulted in Coinspot earning the reputation of Australia’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Independent Reserve – Independent Reserve is a trusted Australian exchange with a strong reputation for providing excellent OTC and SMSF services. Beginners can deposit and use AUD to buy 27 digital currencies on a simple and easy to use platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Crypto Wallet With Cointree?

Cointree provides all users with a free crypto wallet upon sign up. All coins purchased will automatically be sent to this wallet. If you need help setting up an alternative crypto wallet, Cointree can also help with this.

Is There An Affiliate Program?

Cointree has one of the best affiliate programs around. It rewards users with between 30-70% of the commissions on each trade made by new members that sign up using a unique referral link. The commission rate is based on a tiered structure where referring more users will return a better commission rate. In comparison, Swyftx and Digital Surge offer affiliate commissions of 50% and 30%, respectively.

Does Cointree Offer A Demo Account?

Cointree offers a handy demo version of their platform so new traders can get used to trading cryptocurrencies without using real money.

Can You Buy Crypto Using SMSF?

Cointree supports Australian investors that decide to use their Super Fund (SMSF) to buy cryptocurrency. The process is laid out very simply and all users will need to complete a letter of authority in order to set up their SMSF account.

Our Verdict

Cointree is a solid starting point for beginner and intermediate Australian investors who don’t need all the advanced charting tools offered by other exchanges. While their fees are a little on the high side, especially if you’re trading for less than $10k, they have gone to great lengths to simplify the process of buying, selling, and trading crypto. The user interface is clean and uncluttered and makes the world of cryptocurrency a lot less daunting for new traders. Cointree also offers a number of useful features that are well-suited to beginner traders, including paying bills with crypto, SMSF investing, and access to top-performing portfolios.

Overall, Cointree is a reliable and simple way to trade cryptocurrency in Australia. However, with other Australian exchanges offering lower trading fees and more comprehensive charting packages, many Australians may want to shop around more before committing. Cointree could be improved in the future by adding a mobile app and some better charting features.

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