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Published 08 Jul, 2022 Updated 18 Dec, 2022

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Have you decided on joining CoinSpot as your preferred cryptocurrency exchange and looking are for a referral code? You can use our CoinSpot referral link to sign up and also collect your free $10 of Bitcoin. This guide will show you how.

Does CoinSpot Offer Referral Codes?

CoinSpot is one of the best crypto exchanges in Australia as it offers one of the largest crypto selections on a beginner-friendly interface. We have partnered with CoinSpot to provide new customers with $10 worth of free Bitcoin by using our link to sign up and create an account.

We work with our partners which may result in MoreCrypto earning a small commission. Read our affiliate disclaimer for further information.

How Can I Claim The CoinSpot Referral Code?

New CoinSpot customers can take advantage of our $10 Bitcoin reward by following these four steps.

  1. Click on our CoinSpot referral link to obtain the Bitcoin bonus.
  2. Create a new account with CoinSpot using a valid email address and password.
  3. Complete the mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) process by verifying your identity.
  4. Sign in to your new CoinSpot account and receive $10 worth of Bitcoin.

What Does the Referral Code Do?

Our CoinSpot referral link lets you collect $10 of free Bitcoin for simply creating a new account. Once you create an account and complete ID verification, the one-time payment will be seen in your account wallet.

Our partnership with CoinSpot means that this promotional offer is current and valid until further notice.

Am I Eligible For This Referral Link?

Only new customers who don’t have an existing account with CoinSpot are eligible to take advantage of the promotional $10 Bitcoin bonus. If you have an existing account with CoinSpot then you will be ineligible. To receive the Bitcoin bonus, you will need to create a new account and complete the ID verification process.

Can I Share The CoinSpot Referral Code?

Our CoinSpot referral link can be shared with family and friends who want to start their cryptocurrency portfolios and take advantage of the $10 Bitcoin bonus. However, only new customers to CoinSpot are eligible to receive the bonus, and people with existing accounts will not be able to benefit from this offer. Our full CoinSpot referral link is shown below.

CoinSpot Overview

Based in Melbourne, CoinSpot is a trusted and reputable crypto exchange that provides an easy way for Australian investors and traders to buy, trade, and sell 330 digital currencies and assets. The platform has gained high visibility in the financial and commercial sectors and established itself as a major player in the Australian crypto market. 

coinspot review

The exchange is highly regulated by Australia’s governed financial sector to ensure proper conduct and operations with investors’ money. To provide further confidence to its customers, CoinSpot is the only crypto platform in Australia that has obtained ISO 27001 certification from the International Organisation for Standardisation. The accreditation means that CoinSpot has to comply with strict regulations and management processes to ensure that its information security systems are operating at the highest level.

CoinSpot offers its customers the following crypto products, services, and features.

  • An extremely robust digital infrastructure highlighted by its ISO 27001 accreditation and where security is placed at the forefront of CoinSpot’s products and services. This will give consumers peace of mind with the safety of their money and assets.
  • One of the largest selections of digital assets (over 330) in Australia, where beginners and experienced investors can easily obtain using cash. Direct crypto-to-crypto trading with no AUD currency conversions.
  • No fees to deposit AUD funds into the account using POLi, PayID, or bank transfers.
  • A minimalist and streamlined user interface that suits beginners.
  • One of the best live chat support functions with a responsive customer service team behind it.
  • Crypto bundles to quickly diversify your portfolio with less trading fees.
  • Support for Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) trustees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An Expiry Date?

No, our CoinSpot referral link is not offered on a time basis and does not have an expiry date. The $10 free Bitcoin is a promotional offer from our partnership with CoinSpot and is valid until further notice. This post will be updated to reflect any changes in the future.

What If The Referral Code Doesn’t Work?

If you experience any issues such as not receiving the $10 in your account wallet, then you can contact the CoinSpot customer service team via live chat or by submitting a ticket.

Can I Claim The CoinSpot Code Twice?

Our referral link can only be used once per CoinSpot customer who creates a new account. The promotional offer cannot be redeemed twice on an existing or same account.

How Do I Refer Someone To CoinSpot?

Our unique CoinSpot referral link can be shared with family and friends so that they can take advantage of the $10 free Bitcoin promotional offer. The link can be shared via social media channels and email. Our full CoinSpot referral link is shown below.

Is CoinSpot Legit?

CoinSpot is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that is owned and operated by Casey Block Services Pty Ltd (ABN 19 619 574 186). The AUSTRAC registered exchange is one of the few Aussie crypto platforms that possess ISO 27001 certification by the International Organisation for Standardisation. To date, CoinSpot has provided over 1 million Australians with easy access to over 300 digital currencies.

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Aaron Seng is the Founder of His journey in the world of cryptocurrency began in 2016 where he was an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum. His initial interests revolved around blockchain technologies and their application in a variety of industries and markets. Over the years, he has watched the slow and steady progression and growth of digital currencies around the world.


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