Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in New Zealand

Kiwis are have access to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges with over 30 options currently available and growing. Based on various important factors such as supported crypto assets, features and benefits, deposit methods & limits, trading fees, security, and customer support, we have assessed and compared the best exchanges to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we share our research and list out the best cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand.

Based on our exchange reviews, here are the best crypto exchanges for New Zealand in 2021.

  1. Swyftx (best exchange overall)
  2. Digital Surge (best for beginners)
  3. Easy Crypto (best local exchange)
  4. Coinbase (best global exchange)
  5. Independent Reserve (best for SMSF)
  6. Binance (best for altcoins)
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New Zealand Crypto Exchanges: 2021 Reviews

1. Swyftx

Swyftx Exchange


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Supported Crypto




Deposit Options

Osko, PayID, POLi, credit card


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  • A well-designed user interface with a level of information that caters to both the beginner and experienced crypto traders. Users will be able to quickly assess the status of their portfolio including growth (%), recent order history, and track real-time profit and loss. 
  • Crypto can be directly bought using NZD meaning that manual conversion into USD isn’t required. Swyftx will automatically convert the deposited NZD into USD which is held on the account and increases liquidity. Swyftx provides full transparency and presents the current exchange rate prior to confirming the purchase.
  • Rather than offering pre-determined bundles of crypto to purchase, Swyftx provides the ability to set recurring orders, otherwise known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). Users can opt to set up automatic deposits to purchase one or more cryptocurrencies at once, and in the desired quantities. This feature allows users to take control of their portfolios by providing additional trading flexibility. 
  • Zero deposit and withdrawal fees regardless of amount, low trading fees (0.6%), and very competitive spreads.

Swyftx is suited for both beginner and advanced investors and traders. The vast list of tradable assets which includes all the major cryptocurrencies as well as altcoins should appeal to those who want to have more potential trading options and strategies for their portfolio.


Swyftx is our best-rated New Zealand exchange to buy, trade, and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Founded in 2019 and based in Brisbane, the highly regarded exchange has expanded its service offerings to investors and traders residing in New Zealand. The team at Swyftx has carefully designed the platform to cater to a broad range of crypto investors and traders of varying degrees of experience and knowledge. The exchange provides NZ residents with a simple and transparent way to buy, trade, and sell 280+ digital currencies.

Kiwi’s can quickly create an account without a lengthy verification process to start depositing NZD into the account. Swyftx offers a range of common deposit methods plus a few more that other exchanges do not support, including bank transfers, PayID, POLI, and also credit cards. A major benefit with Swyftx is there are zero deposit fees to transfer New Zealand Dollars (NZD) from a bank account.

swyftx review

The trading experience is modern and simple, with the interface able to be customized to suit the needs of investors. There is also the ability to toggle dark-mode on the desktop and mobile application plus a demo account to trade risk-free. Beginner and advanced investors alike will benefit from the in-built crypto tax calculator, Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) tools, real-time portfolio tracking, and exemplary customer service. 

Swyftx is one of a few exchanges which utilize multiple order books to provide higher liquidity on trading pairs. The higher trading volume and market depth allow Swyftx to offer lower spreads (i.e. the difference between the bid and asking price) to the user, especially in volatile markets or where there is a lack of trading activity.     



2. Digital Surge

Digital Surge


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Supported Crypto




Deposit Options

Bank transfer, PayID, POLI, credit card


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  • A simple and clean interface means that beginners will have an easy time depositing funds and buying crypto. 
  • Whilst the spreads are competitive compared to other NZ exchanges, Digital Surge offers some of the lowest trading fees (0.1 – 0.5% depending on trade volume), which would appeal to the general population.
  • The ability to generate crypto tax reports. 

Digital Surge is our best-rated crypto exchange for beginners. The simplicity of the interface allows users who are new to cryptocurrency trading to quickly grasp the concepts of crypto buy and trading whilst enabling a high level of control and transparency over portfolios. Beginners will benefit from the fully integrated and comprehensive education hub. 


Digital Surge is a uniquely user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, providing New Zealanders with an easy way to buy, store and sell over 280+ cryptocurrencies. The exchange provides a platform that is perfectly suited for beginners with no prior experience with buying crypto, or those who possess a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies. Along with low trading fees, excellent customer support, and a variety of other features, Digital Surge is a strong option for investors who want to buy and hold digital currencies as long-term investments. Customers are able to start their portfolio investments with popular assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Litecoin (LTC), and many more.

The Digital Surge platform has been designed with simplicity in mind. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the layout is easy to understand and beginners will have a simple time navigating their way through the platform and user interface. The trading experience will be enjoyable for novice investors however there are no advanced trading charts or analytical tools to cater to experienced traders. 

Digital Surge

To further benefit beginners, Digital Surge offers a wealth of educational content in their “Learn Crypto” hub. The intent of the hub is to provide newcomers with accurate information about important topics such as how the blockchain works, what wallets are, and the basics of crypto investments. Articles are written in simple language to easily explain crypto aspects and to minimize confusion.

Digital Surge is perfectly suited for beginner and experienced traders who want an enjoyable trading experience, offering a range of advanced order types and trading features on top of their incredibly easy-to-use interface. Digital Surge supports New Zealand users.

3. Easy Crypto

easy crypto logo


Supported Crypto


Fiat Currency


Deposit Option

Bank transfer, POLi, PayID, Account2Account

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None currently available.

  • New Zealand owned and operated cryptocurrency platform, and trusted by over 150,000 customers.
  • Simply designed platform that allows users to easily buy, sell, and swap digital currencies.
  • 100% fiat fund safety guarantee. Easy Crypto is one of the very few exchanges that guarantee the reimbursement of fiat funds that may be lost during a transaction. If payment is transferred but lost during the transaction, Easy Crypto will cover the loss and complete the transaction. 

The main advantage that eToro carries over its competitors such as Plus500, is that the platform is incredibly fluid and aptly suited for beginner traders. The majority of its features and low deposit amounts have been tailored towards beginners starting their investing journeys. Beginners without a lot of experience or trading knowledge can mirror the trades of other investors with the option of applying stop-loss limits to minimise their potential losses.


Easy Crypto was founded in December 2017 by a brother and sister team, Alan and Janine Grainger, to provide New Zealand investors with an easy way to get into the cryptocurrency market. The platform is known for its simplicity and is primarily targeted toward beginner or novice investors who are new to cryptocurrencies. Since its establishment, Easy Crypto has amassed over 150,000 customers over New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil and completed over $1.1 billion in trades between 2018 and 2021. The company continues to invest in itself to ensure that it provides its customers with the best service possible.

Easy Crypto has earned a strong reputation and has won backing from several New Zealand-based capital venture firms including Nuance Connected Capital, Pathfinder KiwiSaver, Ice House Ventures, as well as other overseas firms. The exchange intends to further expand its range of products it offers and break into new markets including the Philippines and Indonesia.

easycrypto feature

Easy Crypto is a legitimate and trusted cryptocurrency platform that is compliant with regulations set by the New Zealand Companies Office and includes being a Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP593949).



4. Coinbase



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Supported Crypto



0.5% + 3.99%

Deposit Options

Bank transfer, PayID, POLI, credit card


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Swyftx is our best rated New Zealand exchange to buy, trade and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Founded in 2019 and based in Brisbane, the team at Swyftx have carefully designed the platform to cater to a broad range of crypto investors and traders of varying degrees of experience and knowledge.

Kiwi’s can create an account quickly without a lengthy verification process to deposit NZD using common payment methods such as bank transfers, PayID, POLI and also credit cards. A major benefit with Swyftx is there are zero deposit fees to transfer NZD from a bank account.

coinbase review



5. Independent Reserve


independant reserve logo


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Supported Crypto




Deposit Options

Bank transfer, PayID, POLI, credit card


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Swyftx is our best rated New Zealand to buy, trade and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Founded in 2019 and based in Brisbane, the team at Swyftx have carefully designed the platform to cater to a broad range of crypto investors and traders of varying degrees of experience and knowledge.

New Zealanders can create an account quickly without a lengthy verification process to deposit NZD using common payment methods such as bank transfers, PayID, POLI and also credit cards. A major benefit with Swyftx is there are zero deposit fees to transfer NZD from a bank account.

independant reserve feature



6. Binance 




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Supported Crypto




Deposit Options

Bank transfer, PayID, POLI, credit card


Free $10 BTC using our affiliate link

  • Binance is the #1 ranked cryptocurrency exchange in the world for the depth of its liquidity in its order books, high trading volumes, and traffic. 
  • Extremely low trading fees of 0.1% can be reduced by increased trading volume.
  • One of the largest selections of cryptocurrencies to buy, trade, and sell (300+).
  • Full-featured and streamlined mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • A suite of innovative products and services including the ability to purchase NFTs, earn interest on crypto holdings with Binance Earn and staking, margin trading for advanced traders, and a Visa debit card to spend crypto.

Binance is well known for the depth of its liquidity in its order books and high trading volumes. The high liquidity means that traders are able to trade cryptocurrencies at lower spreads compared to smaller exchanges with lower liquidity where spreads will be wider. High liquidity also means that the order book market is more stable and results in less price slippage. Due to the high liquidity across its trading pairs and the hundreds of supported cryptocurrencies, Binance is a strong option for investors who want to trade altcoins. 


Binance is a well-established and popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers Kiwi investors and traders to buy, trade, and sell over 300+ digital assets in over 180 countries. Founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, the exchange has quickly grown into the world’s largest exchange in terms of trading volume, liquidity, and traffic. Binance is made up of several subsidiaries and supports New Zealand customers. Binance announced in May 2021 that the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) could be traded in exchange for digital currencies including BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, BUSD, and DAI with zero transaction fees.

Binance boasts a number of services and features that will appeal to a range of crypto users, whilst still maintaining a user-friendly trading experience. Binance’s strengths lie in its high liquidity for trading pairs, low trading fees, a wide range of services, and innovative features. The exchange is registered and licensed under local regulations to provide crypto exchange services. Kiwi users creating an account must comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and provide basic personal information to verify their identity.

The core of the Binance brand revolves around the sheer trading volume and liquidity, as well as the vast number of digital assets and selection of trading pairs. This makes it a highly attractive option for investors and traders of varying levels of experience and knowledge can trade cryptocurrencies. On top of this, Binance continues to provide innovative products and features to maintain its status as one of the market leaders in the crypto space.

binance feature



Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges


A cryptocurrency broker is a trading platform that finds the best possible prices from several large volume cryptocurrency exchanges and presents those prices to their customer. Since these platforms tend to be designed for the beginner trader or investor in mind, the processes and steps to purchase crypto tend to be simple, quick, and easy. Examples of crypto brokers available in New Zealand include Swyftx and Zipmex.

Customers will benefit from the typically high liquidity associated with high trading volumes as the amount of price slippage is reduced. A spread is typically applied to each trade and investors and traders alike should not confuse this with trading fees. The spread is the difference between the buy and sell price. 

Trading Exchanges

Cryptocurrency trading exchanges are typically marketed towards beginner and intermediate investors and traders. Most are rich in features such as order types and advanced trading charting packages. The more established exchanges typically offer a wide variety and number of digital assets that can be bought, traded, and sold and this would cater to those who want to diversify their portfolios. 

Trading exchanges feature highly intuitive user interfaces with charting features and tools such as technical indicators, drawing tools, and chart patterns to allow traders to analyze the price action and identify trading opportunities. Binance is an example of a popular crypto trading platform. 

Contract for Difference Providers

A Contract-For-Difference (CFD) crypto exchange allows traders to speculate on the direction of the price without purchasing the asset. This allows the trader to long or short cryptos with leverage. Simply put, a digital asset such as Bitcoin can be traded without actually using the asset itself, but using fiat currency instead. CFP providers will typically have demo accounts available for customers to practice trading before switching to a real account. The learning curve for new traders is flattened by features such as simplified trading interfaces and charts, presentation of top-performing portfolios which can be copied, and pre-set crypto in wallets. 

Plus500 and eToro are examples of CFP providers designed for beginner investors.

Futures and Derivative Exchanges

Futures and derivatives exchanges such as Bybit and FTX offer advanced trading platforms that use a maker and taker fee structure for investors and traders that have a thorough understanding of limit orders and possess sound risk management principles.

Trading crypto with leverage comes with significant risks that can result in losses greater than the starting capital and are for advanced traders only. These types of platforms are excellent for customers that understand how to short sell crypto to:

  • Bet on the crypto asset value decreasing in price.
  • Increase the amount of crypto in a portfolio by profiting on price corrections during an uptrend.
  • Hedge a portfolio to lock in gains and minimize losses during a downtrend.
  • Create significant profit potential by using leverage to borrow more money.

Our Exchange Review Methodology

There is a multitude of cryptocurrency exchanges in the New Zealand market and it can be difficult to understand the nuances of each and how they compare. As a result, deciding which crypto exchange is best is a challenging exercise for the everyday trader or investor.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, in-depth, and accurate information on the latest products and services from each exchange. Our reviews are based on our own real-life experiences to give individuals unbiased information to assist with the decision-making process.  This includes creating a verified account, depositing funds, placing trades, and withdrawing funds with each exchange and platform to gain a complete and robust understanding of the user experience. We then evaluate and rate each New Zealand exchange out of 10 points.

Key factors and aspects we look for in a good cryptocurrency exchange are primarily based on what is important to the everyday Kiwi trader or investor. As such, our detailed exchange reviews take into consideration the following factors (but not limited to):

  • Is the exchange a reputable and trustworthy platform to invest and trade crypto? The reputability and trustworthiness of exchange are slowly built up over time. We assess how the exchange was established, the number of users, its mission, and level of community perception. 
  • Is the platform interface easy to use? Beginner investors will look for simple and intuitive interface designs which clearly present how to buy, trade, and sell crypto. More experienced and advanced traders will still appreciate simplicity however advanced features such as charting will be sought in order to maximize trading potential. 
  • How fiat or crypto funds are deposited to enable trading to vary from exchange to exchange. Important aspects that we take into consideration are the number of deposit methods, support for NZD deposit options, minimum and maximum limits, and how fast transactions can be completed.
  • The minimization of fees incurred matters to all traders and investors. We assess and compare fees that are charged by the exchange which include deposit fees, buy and sell fees, spreads, and trading fees. 
  • We evaluate the strength of the exchange’s security measures implemented to protect funds and personal information. Are they in line with regulatory authority requirements and how do they compare against industry benchmarks and standards? These may include 2FA, use of cold storage, segregation of funds, and any known reports of security breaches resulting in loss or damage of held digital assets. 
  • Is the customer support team easily accessible and methods of help assistance. 

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange

There is an abundance of cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to New Zealanders. Knowing which one to choose greatly depends on your trading goals and experience.

We have compiled a list of key factors and considerations to help you choose the right NZ crypto exchange to best suit your needs.

User Interface Experience

Our recommendation is to find a New Zealand exchange where the level of platform matches your level of expertise and experience. Beginners should ideally be seeking out a User Interface (UI) that is simplistic, intuitive to use, and therefore making the trading experience easier and more enjoyable. Features that beginners should be on the lookout for include instant deposits and withdrawals, instant buying, and selling.

Based on our reviews and experience, the ease of use provided by Swyftx and Digital Surge is best suited for people starting their cryptocurrency investment journeys.

Advanced traders would require a more detailed insight into the market. A UI that offers price charts, candlesticks, and graphs are features that advanced traders will look for.

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods and Limits

How you choose to deposit and withdraw funds into the exchange wallet will be a personal choice. The ease of performing, fees incurred, and how fast deposits and withdrawals can be made should be items of consideration. Direct bank transfer, POLi, PayID, BPay (OSKO), and credit/debit cards are the most common options. Some exchanges will also allow deposits of certain crypto to be made. 

The fee section of each cryptocurrency exchange should be reviewed as some deposit and withdrawal methods may not be supported. The time taken to transfer funds across a New Zealand bank account may vary across different financial institutions.

Another consideration is deposit and withdrawal limits. Depending on the exchange, there may be daily maximum limits of fiat currency that can be deposited or withdrawn.

Type of Trading

The type of trading you want to undertake will heavily influence the type of crypto exchange options. You will need to decide if you want to:

  • Trade fiat to crypto (e.g. NZD to BTC)
  • Trade crypto to crypto (e.g. ETH to BTC), or
  • A combination of the above.
Other key features which may influence your decision may include the ability to earn interest on your stored crypto or manage SMSF.

Fee Structure and Transparency

Customers should be aware of the various fees that may be incurred when trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. The most straightforward of these include deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and trading fees between assets, i.e. crypto to crypto.

Spread fees and foreign exchange conversion fees may not always be readily presented and maybe ‘hidden’ prior to a transaction. Some exchanges will clearly present the fee incurred as a separate line item. A good exchange will have a dedicated fee section that should be reviewed. Most exchanges will offer zero fees on deposits and withdrawals. A competitive trading fee should be between 0.1% and 0.5% for each transaction made. The spread is the difference between the buy and sell price for a quoted cryptocurrency.

It is important to note that some exchanges such as Digital Surge may offer fee discounts depending on the volume traded. Generally, the fee decreases if the traded volume increases on a 30-day trading volume. The implications of this are quite significant (cost savings) if larger volumes are traded.

Supported Fiat and Cryptocurrencies

Make sure that the crypto exchange supports your target cryptocurrency and a NZD trading pair is available (e.g. NZD-BTC). Most exchanges will support the dominant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). However, with thousands of digital currency projects and coins to buy and sell, finding an exchange that supports all is not possible. Some exchanges will support BTC only and others are constantly adding new coins to their support list.

Liquidity and Volume

The larger and more established digital currency exchanges will tend to have access to greater liquidity compared to smaller cryptocurrency exchanges. Liquidity refers to how easily one asset is converted into a fiat currency or another asset. The higher the liquidity of an exchange, the easier and faster it will be to complete fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions.

Methods of Verification

New Zealand-based exchanges are required to be registered and licensed under local regulations in order to provide digital currency services. Exchanges are required by NZ law to collect customer information (known as Know Your Customer) so that a customer’s identity can be established. Whilst an account can typically be created with just a full name and email address, identity verification is required before buying and trading can be undertaken. 

The information and documents required by exchanges to verify your identity differ across exchanges, however typically include full name, email address, phone number, utility bill which states your address, and a copy of a New Zealand government-issued form of identification (e.g. drivers license, passport). 

For most exchanges, the identity verification process usually takes around 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

Account Security

Industry-standard security measures for New Zealand crypto exchanges typically include multi-location and offline cold wallet storage of funds, a combination of hot and cold fund storage, multi-signature verification withdrawal process, and Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Other features may include user private key control, ID verification, notification on account activity (i.e. email and/or SMS), proof of reserve, email encryption, and 24/7 security protocol monitoring and penetration testing by third parties.

The security page of the exchange should be reviewed to confirm that industry-standard measures and protocols are being implemented.

Available Customer Support Tools

Although most cryptocurrency exchanges will offer similar customer support features, there are some variabilities. Most exchanges will offer a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page which should address the most common troubleshooting queries. In addition to FAQs, some exchanges like Digital Surge possess a dedicated knowledge base or library that presents a series of how-to guides and tutorials tailored for beginner and intermediate investors. We have found that the level of information within these libraries can vary greatly from the not so useful to the comprehensive.

Support tools to assist with immediate troubleshooting advice or assistance may come in the form of a ticket system or live chatbot. The ticket system is akin to directly emailing the exchange support team with a query however response times will vary across exchanges. We have noted that the larger and more established exchanges are more likely to offer a live chat service.

Beginner and intermediate investors alike would be well served to explore what communication and assistance tools are available for support. 

Reputation & Online Reviews

Investors should be looking for an exchange that has a strong reputation for being reliable and secure. Websites such as Trustpilot and Product Review will be able to provide insight into the experiences and feedback from the current on former users of the exchange. Other online sources of customer reviews may include forum comments and social media posts. 

A quick assessment of online customers reviews will help to identify any particular issues that may be present.

How to Store Cryptocurrency in NZ

Deciding on how to store cryptocurrency in New Zealand comes down to two options. Firstly, digital assets can be kept in the exchanges storage system, which can be cold storage (wallet), or a combination of hot and cold storage. Secondly, cold-storage wallets may be used by individuals to hold crypto offline and usually in a physical state.

  • Hot storage refers to a wallet that is connected to the internet and can be accessed at any time. Examples include online cloud wallets, mobile wallets, software wallets, and exchanges. Hot wallets are great for keeping an amount of crypto available for frequent buying, trading, and selling. 
  • Cold storage refers to a physical means of keeping crypto in a storage device and is only accessible by the wallet owner. Examples include hardware wallets such as CoolWallet Pro and the Ledger Nano X. Cold-wallets are not connected to the internet. 

Since hot-wallets (e.g. exchanges) are connected to the internet, funds are susceptible to loss, damage, or theft, albeit the risks are low. With this in mind, investors and traders should be seeking a reputable and trustworthy exchange that has a stellar security record. The best way to mitigate against this potential risk is to store digital assets in a cold-storage wallet. 

The key function of a cold wallet is to provide an extra security mechanism between the internet-connected device (e.g. computer) and the asset. All wallets will have a private key that legitimizes access to the stored asset. Most wallets usually come equipped with a variety of recovery options in case the wallet is lost or damaged. 

How to spend cryptocurrency in NZ

The number of ways cryptocurrency can be used or spent in New Zealand is increasing. Traders and investors can use Bitcoin to purchase goods and services using the following methods (but not limited to):

  • Direct transferring of crypto from a wallet to the recipients address.
  • Using a cryptocurrency debit card to send crypto to a merchant. The process is akin to using a standard debit card where held assets can be accessed or loaded onto the card. Some exchanges offer this services, whilst others do not.
  • Use stored Bitcoin to withdraw NZD from a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Use crypto to purchase goods from merchants such as Mooning Market. Moon Market works similar to Amazon and eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Buy Cryptocurrency in New Zealand?

The purchasing, trading and selling of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets is legal in New Zealand. It is not regarded as a currency however digital currencies are recognised by the New Zealand government as property and is therefore taxable under certain scenarios. 

What Is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in New Zealand?

The best exchange depends on the your investment or trading goals. However based on our reviews, Swyftx is the best overall crypto exchange to buy, trade and sell digital assets and coins in NZ. The exchange has a wide range of features that cater for for both beginner and advanced investors as well as offering low spreads due to its high liquidity. Other key factors such as the trading interface, customer service and security record are best-in-class. 

Can I Invest My Super Into Cryptocurrency?

Several New Zealand exchanges such as Independent Reserve and Digital Surge offer investors the ability to invest their super into cryptocurrencies. Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) require their own wallet that specifically stores cryptocurrency. Depending on the investors financial situation, SMSF may offer more control over their superannuation and retirement.

What Is The Best Crypto Swap Platform?

In our opinion, Changelly is the best crypto swapping platform to anonymously perform crypto-to-crypto exchanges. The simplistic and safe platform has been used by over 2 million customers worldwide.

What Is The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet In NZ?

The Ledger Nano X and Trezor One are two of the most popular hardware wallets in the crypto market. Both possess desirable features such as best-in-class security measures, competitive price points, simple usability and seed recovery. The CoolWallet Pro is considered as an up and coming wallet that supersedes the widely popular Cool Wallet S.

Can You Buy Crypto With A Credit Card?

Crypto can be purchased using a credit card however it depends on what exchange you are using as not all with provide this service. An exchange that accepts credit card as a method to make fiat deposits will be essential. The fees are typically higher however the method provides a level of convenience. Reputable and trustworthy exchanges should be used to buy crypto with a credit card such as Binance or Coinbase